Tracking & Shipping

Where is my order?

You can track your order by simply inputting your tracking number into the box above at the Track Your Order page. You can find your tracking number in your shipping confirmation email.

How can I track my order

To track your order, simply enter the tracking number into the box at our Track Your Order page.

How long does it typically take to receive items?

For our US-based customers who ordered one of our pre-designed kits, your items will be shipped from our US warehouse. This typically results in faster delivery times, generally within 7 business days (excluding processing time).

For our valued international customers and those who have ordered customized kits, your items will be shipped from our overseas warehouses. While we aim to maintain efficient delivery, please allow 10-30 business days (excluding processing time) for your order to reach you.

In exceedingly rare instances, shipping may extend beyond 20 business days due to factors like shipping congestion, customs delays, and high order volumes.

Refer to shipping policy for more detail.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. We proudly offer Free Worldwide Shipping for all kits.

What’s the shipping rate?

Good news! It's free.

Why did I receive two separate tracking numbers?

Because we ship from multiple locations, your order may arrive in multiple packages. Each package is assigned a different tracking number.

Why did I only receive part of my order?

Our kits are shipped from multiple factories in various locations, which is why kits within the same order might be shipped separately and arrive at slightly different times. Don't worry, the remaining items are likely still in transit and will join you very soon.

Why is my tracking stuck on a specific date?

No need to worry—this is entirely normal. When your order is in transit, especially as it moves between countries, tracking updates can be slow (imagine packages on cargo ships in the middle of the ocean). Once your package arrives in the country, it will zip quickly to your doorstep.

About Our Products

What's Diamond Painting?

Looking for a fresh take on cross-stitch, embroidery, or number painting? Diamond painting offers a unique creative experience. Apply colorful resin rhinestones to our soft self-adhesive canvas to craft sparkling mosaic art.

The best part? No prior experience is necessary.

The result? Visually dazzling, mosaic diamond artworks that sparkle, shimmer, and shine.

What's Included in the Package?

Our diamond painting kits come complete with all the essentials to get you started on your artistic journey:

- Premium Adhesive Canvas with a design chart

- Color Coded Rhinestones organized in labeled baggies

- Magic Diamond Applicator for effortless diamond placement

- Wax Pad to assist in picking up diamonds with the diamond pen

- Craft Tray for easy sorting of diamonds

- Tweezers designed for precision during application

- Plastic Bags for convenient diamond storage

- Printed Instructions providing step-by-step guidance

What's the difference between square and round drill?

In Diamond Painting, the term "drill" is used interchangeably with the word "diamond." For most kits, you can choose between whether the shape of those tiny diamonds is SQUARE or ROUND. It's entirely a preference thing.

Most people prefer Square Diamonds, because they create a "fuller look" when you're finished painting. Others like Round because they're considered easier to pick up and apply to your canvas.

What are the diamonds made out of?

Our colorful diamonds are manufactured from eco-friendly resin and are factory-tested to ensure safety.

Does it come with a frame? 

Frames are not included unless otherwise specified.